Event generation, analysis, continuum suppression, and fitting of the B->Ks pi0 decay at Belle. End goal is to be able to fit directly for Acp. – README


1) Run the evtgen to produce events
1.1) e.g. ./B_K_S0pi0_41_evtgen_run.sh K_S0pi0.dec 1 1
2) Run the gsim script to simulate the events inside the detector, make sure the .dat file is in the same directory as your script
2.1) e.g. ./B_K_S0pi0_gsim_run.sh ../evtgen/K_S0pi0_gen_files/B_K_S0pi0_41_1.gen
2.2) To view mdst file run 'bbsview', load three times, then print 'gen_hepevt'
3) Run skim once to create index file labelling all interesting events
3.1) To view index file use 'dbls -AM '
4) Run analysis script to convert detector hits to ntuples for root
4.1) e.g. something