Framework to run efficiency tag-and-probe and momentum-correction studies. The project is built on top of Athena,21.0.X with extra packages built from athena 21.2 branch (see package_filters.txt).

How to clone the repository

Cloning the repository will also clone it's submodules

mkdir MyTestArea
cd MyTestArea
git clone --recursive ssh://

How to build the project

cd MyTestArea
mkdir build run
cd build/
asetup AthDerivation,,here
cmake ../MuonPerformanceAnalysis
make -j
cd ../run
source ../build/x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt/

How to run

Example for standard running --inputAODFile /ptmp/mpp/junggjo9/Datasets/data17_13TeV.periodAllYear.calibration_BphysPEB.PhysCont.AOD.pro22_v01/AOD.14399916._000771.pool.root.1  --outputNTUP_MCPTPFile MCTP.root --outputNTUP_MCPScaleFile SC.root

How to submit on the grid

Setup the code as described above. Then, do:

lsetup rucio panda pyami
python MuonPerformanceAnalysis/MuonPerformanceAlgs/scripts/ --ProdNumber <Name of the Production> (--Test) (--official) -i <dataset or path to list containing all datasets>

Git hints

To update the athena_21.2 submodule do:

git submodule update --remote --recursive

then check status and comit/push "athena_21.2" as usual with local modifications.

To checkout a specific tag (e.g. v050):

git clone --recursive ssh:// --branch v050